The MPG Best of the Year Award categories are:

A.   Articles

a.    MPG Best of the Year News Article

                                          i.         Any length, topical event coverage

b.    MPG Best of the Year Feature Article

                                          i.         Any length, non-news/non-review automotive topic, including personality profiles, historical, lifestyle, etc.

B.   Audio/Visual

a.    MPG Best of the Year Video Review (streaming, YouTube, network, website)

                                          i.         Any length, web or broadcast, evaluating features, performance, value, etc. of a new vehicle or comparing vehicles

b.    MPG Art Gould Best of the Year Audio Program/Podcast

                                          i.         Any length, radio or podcast. Multiple episodes may be submitted for consideration, each as a separate entry with a separate entry fee.

C.   Social Media 

a.    MPG Best of the Year Social Media Feed (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

                                          i.         Any social media feed's entire body of work for that calendar year.

b.    MPG Best of the Year YouTube Channel

                                          i.         Any YouTube Channel's entire body of work for that calendar year.

D.   Books

a.    MPG Best of the Year Book

                                          i.         Hardcover or softcover submissions welcome; Reissues of previously published books not eligible; Collections of previously uncollected material (essays, columns, etc.) are eligible for submission.

E.   Photography

a.    Bob D’Olivo Award for Photography

Published photographs in magazines or on commercial websites. Photo essays (multiple photographs collected as one article) eligible for consideration.
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