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We are Journalists, Analysts, Public Relations professionals and Industry affiliates, dedicated to promoting education and information exchange within the motoring press.

The California-based Motor Press Guild (MPG) is the largest automotive media association in North America. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ideals in automotive journalism with members consisting of print journalists, photographers, broadcasters and new media professionals, as well as public-relations representatives, consumer groups, and governmental bodies tied to the automotive industry.

Signature Events


Established by the Motor Press Guild in 1995, the Dean Batchelor Award recognizes excellence in automotive journalism as exemplified by the man it is named after–Dean Batchelor. Our goal is to inspire automotive journalists to produce work of the highest professional caliber, and to acknowledge those who exemplify the exceptional standards of Dean Batchelor. The award ceremony is held in February.


MPG Drive Day is our  organization’s tent pole event. It’s a great way to safely evaluate the latest vehicles and get valuable networking time. In addition to ample seat time with dozens of vehicles, members also benefit from one-on-one time with OEM reps and valuable networking.  Drive Day is held annually each Fall. 

Advance your Career and Network with Top Journalists & Industry Professionals.

MPG Power Tour

MPG Power Tour Pull back the car cover and let’ get out and drive. The MPG is bringing back the Power Tour. Join fellow MPG

MPG 2021 Drive Day Postponement

Dear Members, Due to the continuing questions regarding COVID-19 and the health protocols surrounding it, the MPG Board has decided to postpone MPG Drive Day

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
MPG Drive Day + Awards Ceremony

Journalist: Popular Mechanics, Autoweek

Ben’s been a member of MPG since the mid-1990s and served as its president from 2002-2003. “MPG has always a great way for automotive journalists and PR professionals to connect, brainstorm ideas and build lasting friendships. I’m proud to have served on the board and to be a member of the organization today.”