Thank You, Mr. President

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– by Aaron Gold

It’s been just over three years since I talked Jason Fogelson into running for the MPG Board of Directors, and I can now reveal that I had an ulterior motive: I thought he’d make a great president. In retrospect, I think (for once) I was right.

Jason is not only one of my closest friends, but he is also my consigliere—the person I go to when I need advice and guidance. Jason is wise, thoughtful and measured, traits I lack in varying degrees, and he has a way of seeing situations with a clarity that eludes me. His counsel has always proven to be sound. I can genuinely say that my life is better for having him as a friend, and I figured the MPG would be better for having him on the board. Jason ran (for the board, not away from it), he was elected, and he served two years as President. My evil plan came to fruition!

Jason turned out to be exactly the kind of president I had hoped: Wise, thoughtful and measured. Having been a board member during some of the MPG’s more tumultuous times, I can testify to how important that is. Jason’s term as President was marked not only by stability and intelligence, but by order and action.

I think we can all agree that the Fogelson Administration was a time of great accomplishment. Under Jason’s stewardship, MPG made improvements to all of our major events, including a new barcode system for Track Day that allows us to better track vehicle usage. We attracted more and more relevant sponsors to our events, we re-established our relationship with the Los Angeles Auto Show and partnered with the North American Car of the Year Jury to bring the NACTOY finalist announcement to LA. Jason also convinced me to bring in Overstreet Events to help manage Droptops and Dirt. It was a decision I approached with reluctance— D&D is my baby—but as usual, Jason was right: The event was better than ever, and not only did we see our highest-ever attendance, but we also earned our highest-ever profit. That’s important, as the driving events go a long way towards funding the organization for the rest of the year.

By the time you read this, we will have four new Board members and a new President. I think we can look forward to a productive year ahead, and I am confident that Jason’s tenure will serve as a model. Joni Gray and I presided over times of healing and change; Jason’s legacy will be remembered as the organization getting back to the way things ought to be.

Thank you, Jason—not only for your service to the Motor Press Guild, but for your enduring friendship. I treasure both.

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