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Return of the MPG Power Trip

pt-caravanMPG members hit the road and took the scenic route from ESI in Long Beach to the Toyota USA Automobile Museum in Torrance.

Over 100 people attended the April 6th Power Trip, making the return of this favorite MPG tradition a great success. With a thoughtfully crafted course, MPG members and guests drove caravan-style through Long Beach and the South Bay until reaching their final destination, the Toyota USA Automobile Museum in Torrance. Just as enjoyable as the drive itself, participants were treated to a private tour and lunch, all courtesy of Toyota.

MPG members got to drive on a pre-race Toyota Grand Prix track in Long Beach en route to Toyota.
photo credit: Brandon O’Brien   

Beginning at Event Solutions International’s offices in Long Beach, there was ample time to kick tires and ogle both new cars along with a few classics. Event Solutions GM, Dan Smith, provided a beautiful continental breakfast for the drivers and welcomed the gang to their huge garage, and Dave Kunz gave the “housekeeping speech,” outlining the drive and some of the trickier twists and turns the caravan would experience on the way to Toyota’s Torrance campus.

powertrip-esi powertrip-cars

photo credit: Right Track Motoring and Brandon O’Brien                        photo credit: Right Track Motoring

Once arriving at the Toyota Museum, there were many vehicles on display to see and participants got to spend some time chatting and networking over lunch. The Toyota USA Automobile Museum has moved since MPG’s last visit; it celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a grand re-opening at a new location adjacent to Toyota Motor Sales USA Headquarters.

on left: Introduced in 1958, the Toyota Toyopet was the first passenger car sold in the U.S.
on right: One of the four 1969 Toyota 2000GT’s imported into the US (only 9 produced).
photo credit: Brandon O’Brien

photos L-R: Brad Nelson and Mike Michels, Dan Hall and Dave Kunz, James Bell and Aaron Gold
photo credit: Right Track Motoring

MPG would like to thank ESI for their hospitality, Dave Kunz for bringing the Power Trip back to life, and Susan Sanborn and the Toyota USA Automobile Museum for hosting our event.

For more on the April Power Trip:
Click here to visit a Flickr gallery of photos, courtesy of Joel Arellano, John Finkle, Brendan O’Brien, and Right Track Motoring.

Watch the video recap of the event by Right Track Motoring:

(Click here if you cannot see the video in your browser)

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MPG's Droptops & Dirt

Droptops & Dirt: Tuesday, May 13 9:00am-4:30pm

The countdown is ON! We are just days away from the all-new driving event, Droptops & Dirt. With off-road test drives on challenging trails and convertible cruising down scenic, twisty canyon roads, it’s the perfect opportunity for journalists to make competitive comparisons.

Register by Friday, May 9th at 3pm

This event is open to all current MPG members, however only Journalist and Analyst members may drive. All other active members, photographers and guests may ride along and, of course, enjoy a great lunch.

Calamigos Ranch, Malibu
Click here for a map • Click here for directions

Journalists and Analysts: $59.00
Non-driving members, guests and photographers: $45.00

Want to attend?
Registration deadline is Friday, May 9th at 3pm

Stay for the “Miss the Traffic Afterparty!”
More details coming to registered guests soon.


MPG May Meeting:
Alt Fuels Panel & Happy Hour at the Queen Mary!

Tuesday, May 20th at 4:00pm

altfuelSave the date for MPG’s May event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The evening will include a panel of experts representing a range of alt fuel sources discussing the technological feasibility vs. economic viability of the various clean transportation options most commonly used today. In addition, there will be a Q&A session along with time for networking during happy hour. More details to follow, but mark your calendars now — you won’t want to miss this event.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” thickness=”2″ width_in_percentages=”” up=”40″ down=”40″][vc_column_text]


Account Executive Job Opening with JMPR

Are you looking for an exciting job working with luxury and automotive brands that will impress your friends and family? JMPR Public Relations is looking to hire a bright, dynamic and proactive Account Executive with a love of cars and proven experience in the PR field to add to our team.

As one of the top independent public relations firms in the Los Angeles area, JMPR’s current clients and include Bentley Motors, Infiniti, The LA Auto Show, Global Rally Cross, Pep Boys, Galpin Auto Sports and Royal Purple.

Our firm is energetic, forward thinking and we are interested in people who can demonstrate not only savvy PR skills, but great communication and a personality that will engage media and clients. Candidates should have minimum 2-3 years at a PR agency, can handle several accounts concurrently and have a strong knowledge of AP writing style. Candidates should hold a degree in Journalism or Public Relations. Interest, and/or background, in the automotive industry is highly desirable, but not required.

If this sounds like you and you have the ability and experience in pitching a diverse section of media, then we want to talk to you!

JMPR Public Relations is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA. We provide competitive salaries, excellent benefits, including a corporate profit sharing plan, as well as a professional development and training program – plus we close at 3 PM on Fridays! Salary will be based on experience, EOE.

Qualified candidates should email their resume, references and a pitch letter as to why you fit the bill for JMPR to: cmelek@jmprpublicrelations.com[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” thickness=”2″ width_in_percentages=”” up=”40″ down=”40″][vc_column_text]


Greetings MPG Members!

I hope this month of May finds you in good spirits as the unpredictable weather keeps us guessing on just what season is upon us. Here in Southern California, it seems we go from winter to summer with nothing in between.

But, no need for a weather report when there’s plenty of hard-hitting monthly news about MPG. On May 13th, our newly redesigned spring driving event, MPG Droptops & Dirt will make its debut. Aaron Gold has once again created a fantastic event at Calamigos Ranch in the beautiful Malibu canyon, only this time, convertibles have been added to the off-road program.

Our gracious OEM partners are providing so many great 4-wheel vehicles and convertibles, it’s going to make for a great driving, photo and video shooting day for our working media attendees. The coolest part is that Polaris and Honda are providing some ATVs and side-by-sides to provide fun in the sun as well. If you find yourself wanting to attend the event at this late date, please reach out and we’ll try to get you into the mix.

The summer is sure to be a great time for the Motor Press Guild and many new events are in the works. One is a special event at the Queen Mary and there are some very fascinating panels coming too, so stay tuned. The board of directors and I want to thank our MPG members attendance at our events so far this year. It’s heartening to see a renewed interest in the guild and a positive energy to the attendees at the meetings and events we haven’t seen in years.

Please know that we’re doing our best to maximize the effect MPG can have in the industry, and, although change doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll gradually be seeing the results of our efforts to bring MPG firmly into modern-day relevance for automotive journalism. This is a long-term vision, but we plan to move the organization in the right direction with that goal in mind.

So have a great and productive month of May and I look forward to seeing you at the next MPG event.


All the Best,

— Joni Gray
President, Motor Press Guild[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” thickness=”2″ width_in_percentages=”” up=”40″ down=”40″][vc_column_text]


Chasing 200
Land Speed Women

—submitted by Harry Pallenberg

kaylin-iconFollow Kaylin, age 15, in her quest to become the youngest member of the Bonneville Salt Flats 200 MPH Club. She is currently making a documentary film about her journey and telling the stories of the 23 amazing women who have gone before her and inspired the quest.

Kaylin soon realized that she could not get A’s in high school, make a film and break a Land Speed Record all at the same time so she’s asking for your help; She’s now seeking coverage about the film before the launch of the Crowdfunding campaign.

if you are interested in doing a story, Kaylin is available for email interviews. More photos, social media links and most importantly the IndieGoGo page / pitch video info are also all available. Please visit www.Chasing200.com or contact Harry@Chasing200.com for more info and images.

pictured above: Kaylin Stewart, director/producer of Chasing 200.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” thickness=”2″ width_in_percentages=”” up=”40″ down=”40″][vc_column_text]



  • Jessica Gottlieb – jessicagottlieb.com
  • Mike Kahn – ERN Radio
  • Terence Keon – K’s Garage Media inc.

Public Relations

  • Steve Diehlman – Stratacomm
  • Alan Hall – Nvidia
  • Clarrie Johnson – Honda North America
  • Jennifer Nicole – Freelance
  • Matt Sloustcher – Honda North America


  • Gregory Brannon – American Automobile Association


  • Leslie Hunt – VF Corporation
  • Ramona Martinez – Evox Images
  • Heather Tyson – Product Specialist
  • Barry Watkins – Sundoulos

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Any member is welcome to submit items to this monthly newsletter that are of specific interest to fellow members:

  • Member Chronicle stories
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Job Openings

Acceptance and revision are at the discretion of the Editor. MilePost does not publish general industry PR or paid ads. Member Chronicle stories can be adventures you’ve had, special talents you possess, what you drive, your first car, a car you crashed, one you lived in, epic (or not so epic) drives, etc. In other words, think freely and keep things in good taste. Shoot for 400-800 words and include some images if you have them.

Deadline is seven days before the end of the month. Send both words and pictures (small JPEGs, please) to: milepost@motorpressguild.org

NOTE: Members who wish to publicize non-MPG events or announcements may do so themselves on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/motorpressguild. And be sure to “like” our page while you’re there.

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