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The Board of Directors is proposing a new membership class, Member Emeritus, which is intended for MPG members who have retired from the profession but who wish to remain active in MPG.

Right now, MPG membership requires proof of continued activity, which means that upon retirement many members have no option but to relinquish their MPG membership. The Board doesn’t think it’s right to send long-time members packing just because they aren’t active in the business, but we also see the need to preserve the integrity of our Journalist, Analyst and Public Relations member classes.

Our proposed solution is a new membership class called Member Emeritus. If approved, Member Emeritus members pay no annual dues and will receive the printed Membership Guide at a reduced rate. They may vote, serve on the Board of Directors, attend non-driving events (or driving events as a non-driving guest), and receive membership pricing and benefits. If they return to active duty, they may request a change to the appropriate dues-paying membership class.

Creation of a new membership class requires a bylaw change, which is subject to a majority vote of eligible members. Please see the proposed wording below. If you have questions, please contact our President, Jason Fogelson, at, or Board member Aaron Gold at

You will receive a ballot for the bylaw change at the same time as your Board of Directors ballot. Keep an eye out and make your voice heard!

PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGE (New wording is in bold type)

Section 1: There shall be six classes of membership in the Motor Press Guild. They shall be designated as Journalist, Public Relations, Analyst, Affiliate, Student and Member Emeritus members.

Section 4: Qualification for each class of membership, as well as voting and other rights and privileges, shall be as follows:
F/Member Emeritus: For MPG purposes, membership is open to long-term Journalist, Analyst, or Public Relations members who are no longer employed in the profession but who wish to remain active members of the Motor Press Guild. No dues payment shall be required for this class, however membership must be renewed annually. The annual Membership Directory, when available, will be offered to Emeritus members at a reduced price. Emeritus members are eligible to attend all non-driving events, to attend driving events as a non-driving guest, and to participate fully in events that welcome members’ own vehicles (i.e. car shows and Power Trips), and will receive member benefits and member pricing at all events. Emeritus members retain voting rights and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Member Emeritus status may be requested by any qualified member, with eligibility to be determined by the Membership Committee. Once approved, members will be eligible for Emeritus status for life. Should a change in circumstances warrant, Emeritus members may request a change to a different membership class (i.e. Journalist, Analyst or Public Relations) by paying the applicable dues and providing proof of eligibility as required by the Membership Committee.

Section 4: Ballots shall be mailed to all Journalist, Public Relations, Analyst, and Member Emeritus members of MPG by December 5. The ballots shall appropriately identify each candidate. Deadline for return of these ballots shall be determined by the Board of Directors and in no event shall be earlier than December 21, or later than December 28. Ballots shall remain sealed until a meeting of the Nomination Committee, which shall be no later than December 30, at which time the ballots shall be opened and counted. At the discretion of the Nomination Committee, a person or persons may be designated to open and count the ballots and report the results to the Committee. The chairman of the Nomination Committee, or a designee, shall communicate the results to the Board of Directors, who shall then announce the results to the membership.

Section 4: Changes in these Bylaws must be made by a majority vote of the eligible (Journalist, Public Relations, Analyst, and Member Emeritus) membership by mail ballot. Proposed changes must be published in the Guild’s publication or distributed to members prior to any vote to change or amend the Bylaws. vegasgg pokerseri warungtoto menang123 dunia777 slot jakartacash bigdewa nusa365 koko138 vegasgg slot infini88