Changes for drivers at Track Days 2015

This year’s format will be familiar from years past, but with a twist: Driver Qualification.

If there’s ever been a concern in common from the manufacturers who bring their cars to the event and our membership, it’s been track safety. The only qualifications to drive at the event in the past have been Journalist or Analyst membership in good standing and a valid driver’s license. This year, that will change.

In order to drive on the track this year, Journalist and Analyst members in good standing must meet the following qualifications, in addition to possessing a valid driver’s license:

One of the following:

  • A valid SCCA racing license
  • A valid NASA racing license
  • Other recognized racing license or qualification
  • Evidence of completion of a track-based driving school within the past 36 months

Any driver who cannot provide one of the above can qualify to drive on the track in one of three ways:

  1. Attend Track Day One (October 6) and participate in a track driver training course with Danny McKeever’s team, and receive an endorsement from a pro driver.
  2. Attend Track Day One (October 6) and take a qualifying drive with a pro driver and receive an endorsement.
  3. Appeal to the Track Day Committee for special consideration based on demonstrated track driving experience and expertise.

Registration for Track Days will open on Friday, September 11. vegasgg pokerseri warungtoto menang123 dunia777 slot jakartacash bigdewa nusa365 koko138 vegasgg slot infini88