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MPG membership is open to active journalists, editors, photographers, illustrators, broadcasters, producers, public relations practitioners, students, and other professionals working in the greater automotive industry.

Become a member so you can drive at Track Day, participate in the Dean Batchelor Award banquet at member rates, attend Power Trips, be included in the annual Membership Roster & Media Guide, be listed in the online member directory, have access to all the members-only pages on this site, and more.

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Member Classifications and Qualifications

There are five membership classifications in MPG: Journalist, Public Relations, Analyst, Affiliate and Member Emeritus.

To qualify for Journalist, you must be a working journalist who covers the automotive industry or related fields such as motorsports, the aftermarket or the OEM supplier market, etc. Proof of activity over the past 12 months is required and should consist of by-line material, quotes, and/or video clips and other items as required by the membership committee.

Analyst membership is open to those public-facing individuals active in the field of automotive research and analysis. Proof of activity over the past 12 months is required and should consist of by-line material, quotes, and/or video clips and other items as required by the membership committee.

Public Relations members must perform PR within the automobile industry which is considered to include the aftermarket, motorsports, OEM suppliers, and other related businesses.

Affiliate membership is open to appropriate professionals who work in the automotive industry, but do not meet the requirements of Journalist or Public Relations. Examples would be engineers, designers, marketing personnel and advertising personnel, etc. At the discretion of the Membership Committee, individuals in the automotive advertising field who have substantial contact with the working automotive press may be deemed eligible for Public Relations membership.

Member Emeritus membership is open to long-term Journalist, Analyst, or Public Relations members who are no longer employed in the profession but who wish to remain active members of the Motor Press Guild. No dues payment shall be required for this class, however membership must be renewed annually. The annual Membership Directory, when available, will be offered to Emeritus members at a reduced price. Emeritus members are eligible to attend all non-driving events, to attend driving events as a non-driving guest, and to participate fully in events that welcome members’ own vehicles (i.e. car shows and Power Trips), and will receive member benefits and member pricing at all events. Emeritus members retain voting rights and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Member Emeritus status may be requested by any qualified member, with eligibility to be determined by the Membership Committee. Once approved, members will be eligible for Emeritus status for life. Should a change in circumstances warrant, Emeritus members may request a change to a different membership class (i.e. Journalist, Analyst or Public Relations) by paying the applicable dues and providing proof of eligibility as required by the Membership Committee.

Journalist, Public Relations, Analyst and Emeritus members are eligible to vote and hold office in MPG (only Journalist members may hold the office of president or vice president). Affiliate members may participate in all MPG activities and committees, but may not vote or hold elective office.

Apply for Membership

Applying for membership is easy. Please complete the form below:

Once your information has been received, it will be forwarded along to the Membership Committee for review. Once approved, you will be sent a link to pay your dues and create your member profile.

Questions? Email Brandy Schaffels.



Annual Dues for Journalist, Analyst and Affiliate: $80 per year. Public Relations dues: $90 per year. Student dues: $30 per year.
Members may renew or apply at any time during the year, but all memberships are active until December 31. Memberships may be renewed beginning December 1 for the following year.