Track Days

MPG Track DaysMPG Track Days has been a tent pole event for our organization for many years. It’s always been a great way to safely evaluate the latest cars, trucks and SUVs in a closed environment and get valuable networking time.

Track Days is held annually each Fall. In addition to ample seat time with dozens of vehicles on both the track and road, members also benefit from one-on-one time with OEM reps and valuable networking.

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Driver Qualification

Q: Who can drive at Track Days?

A: Journalist or Analyst members are the only members who may drive at Track Days. PR and Affiliates are strictly prohibited from driving  — on the track and/or for street drives.

Q: What do I need to qualify for this year’s event?

A: If you qualified last year with an instructor at the track, email Carrie Kim to verify attendance and qualification. You MUST email for prior clearance, or you will be required to qualify again on Tuesday, October 4th.

If you didn’t qualify last year, but have one of the following, email Carrie Kim:

  • A valid SCCA racing license
  • A valid NASA racing license
  • Other recognized racing license or qualification
  • Evidence of completion of a track-based driving school within the past 36 months

Q:  I don’t qualify — what do I need to do?

A: Any driver who cannot provide one of the above can qualify to drive on the track in one of three ways:

  1. Attend Track Day One (October 4) and participate in a track driver training course with Danny McKeever’s team, and receive an endorsement from a pro driver.
  2. Attend Track Day One (October 4) and take a qualifying drive with a pro driver and receive an endorsement.
  3. Appeal to the Track Day Committee for special consideration based on demonstrated track driving experience and expertise.

Hotel Info

Q: Is there an official hotel for the event that I can make a reservation at a discounted rate?

A: Yes. Info on the hotel will be coming shortly.