The Dean Batchelor Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism

Established by the Motor Press Guild in 1995, the Dean Batchelor Award recognizes excellence in automotive journalism as exemplified by the man it is named after–Dean Batchelor.

The Award singles out individuals demonstrating outstanding achievement in the profession of automotive journalism. Each year MPG presents the Dean Batchelor Award to the journalist judged to have produced the single piece of work which best represents the professional standards and excellence demanded by Dean Batchelor during his life as an editor, writer, and chronicler of the automotive industry.

In addition, the Dean Batchelor Lifetime Achievement Award, selected separately by the Motor Press Guild Board of Directors, is presented on a case-by-case basis to individuals for outstanding contributions to the automotive communications industry.

The Dean Batchelor Award was first presented posthumously to Dean Batchelor in 1995 for his seminal book on hot rodding, The American Hot Rod, which was published after his death in 1994.

DBA trophy

New for 2014, the Dean Batchelor Award trophy was completely redesigned by esteemed artist and automotive designer, Richard Pietruska. Pietruska has been teaching transportation and product design at Art Center College of Design for over 20 years and is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society. His work appears in many private collections around the world as well being exhibited in museums and various Concours d'Elegance events.

The Man

The career of Dean Batchelor spanned many disciplines, from aircraft builder, B-17 flyer, to race car driver and automotive journalist. He was the consummate historian, editor, racer, designer, and hot rodder. Dean's passion for automobiles led him to editing positions at Hop Up and Road & Track magazines. In the late 1970s, Dean began writing such signal books as Ferrari: The Early Berlinettas & Competition Coupes, Ferrari: The Early Spyders & Competition Roadsters, and Ferrari: The Gran Turismo & Competition Berlinettas. He went on to produce a series of other specialty books and buyer's guides. His last book, The American Hot Rod, was published posthumously and, in 1995, received the first Dean Batchelor Award, presented to Dean's widow, Pat.

Whatever he was involved in, Dean did it with style and with the highest ethical and professional standards. From those who worked with and for him, Dean expected the best, and they willingly gave it, knowing he only accepted the best from himself. Of course, Dean's best was difficult for most other people to match.

Following his death in 1994, to honor his memory and contributions to the automobile industry, the Motor Press Guild established the Dean Batchelor Award. The Award singles out persons demonstrating outstanding achievement in automotive journalism and communications. Each year the Motor Press Guild presents the Dean Batchelor Award to the journalist judged to have produced the single piece of work which best represents the professional standards and excellence epitomized by the career and life of Dean Batchelor.

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Best of the Year Awards

As of 2006, the Dean Batchelor Award recipient is selected from among the winners of the MPG Best of the Year Awards in four journalistic disciplines: Articles, Books, Photography, and Audio/Visual. Entries are judged in their respective categories, with the Batchelor Award recipient being chosen by a separate panel of judges from among the four Best of the Year honorees.

It is the goal of the Motor Press Guild, through the Dean Batchelor Award program, to inspire automotive journalists, both present and future, to produce work of the highest professional caliber, and to acknowledge those who exemplify the exceptional standards of Dean Batchelor.

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Award Winners .......................................................................................................

2014 Dean Batchelor Award Winner: Preston Lerner
Preston Lerner wins for his article, "Bull’s-Eye: A Conversation with Chip Ganassi" in Automobile magazine.

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award: Ken Gross


2014 MPG Best of the Year Winners 

Article: Preston Lerner
"Bull’s-Eye: A Conversation with Chip Ganassi", Automobile magazine (read here)

Book: Art Garner
“Black Noon”

Podcast: Charlie Vogelheim & Shawn Myers
“Motor Trend Audio”, Episode 11: Bob Kelley (listen here)

Best Video of the Year (under 30 minutes):  Micah Muzio & Michael DeLano
“KBB Attends Stunt Driving School”, Kelley Blue Book (watch here)

Bob D’Olivo Award for Outstanding Photography: Jeff Zwart
“Back Story”, Porsche Panorama (view here)


             Preston Lerner, Winner of the 2014 Dean Batchelor AwardPreston Lerner, 2014 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
–photo by Myles Regan

Jay Leno with 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Ken GrossJay Leno with 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Ken Gross
–photo by Myles Regan

2013 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Peter Brock wins for his book, "Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon"

2013 MPG Best of the Year Winners 
 Peter Brock, "Corvette: Genesis of an American Icon" 
Article: Robert Cumberford, "GM's Road Not Taken," published in Automobile magazine
Audio/Visual: Harold Osmer and Harry Pallenberg for their documentary film, "Where They Raced: Speed Demons in the City of Angels"  
Photograph: Bob Chapman, "Time's Up," published in Porsche Panorama magazine


             Peter Brock
             Peter Brock

2012 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Karl Ludvigsen for his book,"Porsche: Origin of the Species," Bentley Publishers

2012 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Karl Ludvigsen,"Porsche: Origin of the Species," Bentley Publishers
Article: Greg Sharp, "The World's Fastest Hot Rod," The Rodder's Journal, Spring 2012
Audio/Visual: Micah Muzio and Michael DeLano, "KBB Races a Mazda Miata," Kelley Blue Book -, February 22, 2012

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award 
Road & Track Editor Emeritus Thomas L Bryant



Karl Ludvigsen
Karl Ludvigsen

2011 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Asif Kapadia & Manish Pandey, "Senna," August 12, 2011.

2011 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Janos Wimpffen, Elva, the Cars, the People, the History, David Bull Publishing
Article: (print or online)
Tom Stahler, "Questor Grand Prix," Vintage Motorsport, July/August 2011 
Audio/Visual: Asif Kapadia & Manish Pandey, "Senna," August 12, 2011
Reinhard Klein, "Everybody's a Photographer," Road & Track Magazine, September 2011

2011 Lifetime 
Achievement Award
Brock Yates, longtime executive editor of Car and Driver and screenwriter of The Cannonball Run

For complete information on the event, click here and see MilePost Jan 2012.

Brock Yates and Tim Considine
Brock Yates accepts award from Tim Considine. –photo by Pete Lyons for MPG


2010 Dean Batchelor Award Winner

Pete Lyons for his book, "Can-Am Cars in Detail," David Bull Publishing

2010 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Pete Lyons, "Can-Am Cars in Detail," David Bull Publishing
Article: (print or online)
Arthur St. Antoine, "Man in Space," Motor Trend Magazine, January 2010
Audio/Visual: Micah Muzio & Michael DeLano, "2010 Ford F-150 Raptor: On Land, Through Water, in the Air";, April 14, 2010 
Alison (Al) Merion-Padron, The Face of Drifting;, March 12, 2010

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
John Clinard,
Western Regional Manger, Ford Communications

For complete information on the event, click here.

LyonsClinardPete Lyons (left) congratulates Lifetime Achievement Winner John Clinard, Ford Communications. –photo by Albert Wong for MPG

2009 Dean Batchelor Award Winner

Keith Cossrow and Bennett Viseltear for the video, "Truth in 24," March 2009

2009 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Carlos Jalife-Villalon, "The Brothers Rodriguez," David Bull Publishing
(print or online) Preston Lerner, "The Joy of Slow," Automobile Magazine, March 2009
Keith Cossrow and Bennett Viseltear, "Truth in 24," March 2009
Alison Merion, "Drifting,", August 30, 2009

For more photos of the event,
click here.

Carlos  Boldt for Lerner Alison
Above left to right:  Carlos Jalife-Villalon accepts for the Best of the Year Book (presenter MPG Board member Laura Burstein), David Boldt accepts on behalf of Preston Lerner for the Article, and Alison Merion accepts her award for Photography (presenter MPG Board Vice-President Dave Kunz). 

Tim Considine accepts the award for Keith Cossrow and Bennet Viseltear for the video "Truth in 24."  -photos by Pete Lyons for MPG

2008 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Peter Egan for "Hank's Last Drive," April & May 2008 Road & Track. 

2008 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Bottom photo at right: Dean Batchelor Award Committee Chair Chuck Koch (far left) presents the four Best of the Year winners (left to right):
Book: David Bull, publisher, accepts on behalf of Jesse Alexander, for his book,"Portraits"
Article: Peter Egan holds the Dean Batchelor Award for "Hank's Last Drive," April & May 2008 Road & Track.
Audio/Visual: Glenn McLanan, "Comparison Test: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt," April 30, 2008, Edmunds'
Photograph: Scott Jacobs, "2008 BMW M3," March 23, 2008, Edmunds'

Peter Egan 2008 winner

Best of the Year winners 2008
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

2007 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Bernard Cahier for "F-Stops, Pit Stops, Laughter and Tears." Accepting the award for Bernard is publisher Michael Keyser

2007 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Bernard Cahier, "F-Stops, Pit Stops, Laughter and Tears," publisher Michael Keyser

Article: Preston Lerner, "Fast and Spurious" January 21, 2007, West Magazine
Audio/Visual: Ed Justice, Jr., "Interview with Charlie Hughes" January 27, 2007, Road & Track Speed Radio
Photograph: Louise Ann Noeth, "Salton Sea Roadster" June 2007 Goodguys Gazette

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award
Tom and Ray Magliozzi, also known as "Click and Clack," or the "Tappet Brothers."

Tom and Ray Magliozzi have been informing and delighting audiences on Public Radio for 30 years, most famously, for the last two decades, as Peabody Award-winning hosts of National Public Radio's Car Talk.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi are also authors, their most recent books being, "In Our Humble Opinion" and "A Haircut in Horsetown and Other Great Car Talk Puzzlers," published by Penguin Putnam.



Michael Keyser accepts for 2007 winner Bernard Cahier 
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

Clickand Clack
Tom and Ray Magliozzi 2007 Lifetime

2006 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Mark Christensen for his history of the Southern California hot rod movement as told from the viewpoint of Alex Xydias who started the So-Cal Speed Shop. Alex helped accept this honor for the book, "So-Cal Speed Shop."

2006 MPG Best of the Year Winners
Mark Christensen, "So-Cal Speed Shop"

Article: Pete Lyons, "Heroes Are Human, Too," Vintage Racecar magazine
Audio/Visual: Chris Szwedo, "A Gullwing at Twilight, the Bonneville Ride of John Fitch"
Photograph: Stan Papior for the photos that illustrated the story, "The World's Greatest Driving Road"


2006 winner Mark Christensen (on left) with Alex Xydias
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

2005 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Tom Madigan is honored for the story of the Edelbrock family, Vic senior, Vic junior, their lives and their business: "Edelbrock: Made in the USA"

2005 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Robert E. Petersen, founder of Petersen Publishing Co. and a pioneer in the automotive enthusiast magazine industry.

Note: Matt Stone presented the 2005 award at the 2007 Dean Batchelor Award banquet to the late Robert Petersen's wife, Margie, who graciously agreed to attend the dinner and accept the award.


2005 winner Tom Madigan
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

Matt Stone with the projected image of Robert Petersen 
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

2004 Dean Batchelor Award Winner

Phil Hill and John Lamm. Hill, a legendary race car driver, the first American F1 World Champion, and automotive writer, and Lamm, a respected automotive photographer and writer, are recognized for their book, "Ferrari: A Champion’s View." 



Phil Hill (left) with John Lamm

2003 Dean Batchelor Award Winner

Robert Genat and Don Cox. Genat, an accomplished author and photographer, and Cox, dry lakes racer and photographer are recognized for their book, "The Birth of Hot Rodding."

2003 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Wally Parks, founder of the National Hot Rod Association, is honored for his years of contributions to motor sport.



Lifetime winner Wally Parks (left) with Robert Genat 
holding two awards, one for Don Cox.  
-photo by Pete Lyons for MPG

2002 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Gordon Kirby. Motorsports journalist and author of five auto-racing books, is recognized for his compelling biography, "Mario Andretti: A Driving Passion."


Gordon Kirby

2001 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
John Lamm. Photographer and writer, Road & Track Editor-at-Large, for the Corvette Stingray Salon feature, Road & Track, June, 2001.


John Lamm

2000 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Janos Wimpffen. Automotive historian. For his book "Time and Two Seats; Five Decades of Long Distance Racing."

2000 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Shav Glick.Motor racing writer, Los Angeles Times, for his extraordinary and enduring work in the field of motor racing.


Janos Wimpffen

Shav Glick

1999 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Genevieve Obert. For her book "Prince Borghese's Trail." She is also a contributor to European Car magazine.


Genevieve Obert

1998 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Michael T. Lynch. Motor racing historian and writer. William Edgar, journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker, and attorney Ron Parravano, co-authors of "American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s."

1998 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Denise McCluggage. Racer, syndicated columnist, photographer, and author of "By Brooks Too Broad for Leaping," "American Racing" (with Tom Burnside) and other titles, for her extraordinary and enduring work in automotive and motor racing journalism.


Michael T. Lynch (right) with Willliam Edgar. 
Parravano not shown.

Denise McCluggage

1997 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Tim Considine. Author of "American Grand Prix Racing; a Century of Drivers & Cars" and other titles, Editor-at-Large for European Car magazine, Vintage Racecar Journal, and the CompuServe Motor Racing Forum (RIS).

1997 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Jesse Alexander.
Author of "40 Years of Motorsports Photography" and other titles, for his extraordinary and enduring work in the field of motor racing.


Tim Considine (left) with Jesse Alexander

1996 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Pete Lyons. For his book "CAN-AM." He has written other titles, and is a contributing author to AutoWeek, Car and Driver, Vintage Motorsport, Formula, Autosport, Cycle, Cycle World and Road & Track magazines.

1996 MPG Lifetime Achievement Award
Chris Economaki. Editor and publisher of National Speed Sport News for his pioneering work in the field of motorsports broadcasting.


Pete Lyons 

Chris Economaki interviews Stirling Moss 
at the 1967 Road America Can-Am.

–photo by Pete Lyons/

1995 Dean Batchelor Award Winner
Dean Batchelor. For his book, "The American Hot Rod."

The first Dean Batchelor Award, created in honor of the man for which it is named, was posthumously awarded.


Dean Batchelor

Co-presenting the award to Dean's widow, Pat, are 
MPG President Matt Stone (left) and 
MPG board member Eric Dahlquist (right).